I have a 37PFL 5405H/12 LCD tv which plays video files (avi mp4 etc) via usb. I also have a 32PFL5206H/12 LED TV, which is a later model with better LED technology. However, I have today discovered that the 32 model does not play video files via USB, only music and picture files.

I am today aware that it is not spec'd to play videos but I was not aware of this when I bought it as the retailer didn't show me the specs. It seems to me that a later model with more advanced LED technology should be able to play videos via USB if the earlier less advanced model can.

I am considering returning the 32 model to the retailer as I bought both tvs for their ability to play downloaded tv series and movies with ease. However, as I understand it it should simply be a matter of adding the necessary codecs to a software upgrade to allow the 32 model to play movies. I would prefer to upgrade the software and keep the tv rather than return it to the retailer as otherwise I am very satisfied with it.

Can anyone from Philips support confirm if there is a software/codec upgrade planned for this model? I will have to return the TV within 14 days, so a prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks