Im owner of a 55 inch 7606k02
I bought this device because of many reasons

  • 3D With polarization (3D-Easy) I had enough shutter glasse, started with the elsa 3D revolator, Asus Shutter glasses, Nvidia.
  • Non-Glossy Screen
  • Ambilight

Somethings I would like to have in my TV
  • PIP function (2x HDMI) or HDMI and TV (watch TV and play with a PS3 or PC)
  • 3D Easy with 2x FullHD Resolution TV (FULL HD per Eye)
  • TV & Game Mode (With game mode glasses) one glass for 2D Watch TV and other glass for 2D gaming-> Headphone out
  • Replaceable (Updatable) "Mediacenter stick and dock" TV Stick from Philips with Smart TV capabilities, which can be replaced with newer versions if tv gets not updated anymore.