Hi there,

I am new to this forum. We purchased a new BDP3380K in Singapore about a month ago. Worked fine with my Samsung TV and Marantz AV Receiver playing all discs (DVD, BD) when suddenly last night it failed to load or play any BDs (DVDs could still be played). The funny thing is that the BDs were not new discs and we were playing them fine until last night. We only use original discs.

What happens when I load a BD is that the BD's language selection screen will come on for about 2 seconds, and then there will be interference and the screen goes blank. The TV shows a dialog box saying that there is no signal from source.

I've already tried the following:

- I have changed the HDMI cable to the TV twice to different cables;
- I have tried multiple BDs (all original)
- I have checked that the BDPs firmware is up to date.

DVDs had no problem playing so it is probably not a lens cleanliness issue.

Is this a common problem which has a DIY fix or do I need to bring this back to Philips? We've only had the BDP about a month.