When a video is started at "Auto Bild" first time after turn on the tv, the player tries to start but nothing despite of a black window happens, so after arround 10 seconds I pres the "6" at the remote in order to go back to Video page of "Auto Bild". If exact the same video is started once agian it runs without a problem. - I've just right now tested it with the video "Rallye Dakar 2011 Etappe 9" on Jan 13 at 23:17

There are also a lot of videos currupted: e.g. "Toyota Prius - Die neueste Prius-Generation". First try (after a restart of the tv): black window - wait 10 seconds - press "6" - start exact the same video agian - player shows the error "Fehler: Das angeforderte Video ist zur Zeit nicht erreichbar. Bitte versuchen Sie zu einem spšteren Zeitpunkt noch einmal. Ihre Auto Bild". This happens with a lot of videos at "Auto Bild". Iíve just done this with the mentioned video on Jan 13 at 23:37.

By the way, everyone who tries to check this will see that navigation at "Auto Bild" is not really native.