I have a Philips TV 37PFL7605H and a Philips Bluray Disc Player BDP3300.
If the Bluray player is off, you can press the green button on the TV remote to show the 'eco' menu, in which there is the choice to turn off the display (e.g. when listening to audio). This works fine.

I want to achieve the same effect when listening to audio discs with the Bluray player. The TV remote is able to control the Bluray player thanks to Easylink. In itself, this works fine.
However, the green button on the TV remote is now captured by the Bluray player. It is not sent to the TV, and no 'eco' menu is shown. I did not find another method of turning off the TV screen when listening to audio on the Bluray player.

I verified that by turning off the Easylink Remote setting (EasyLink itself can be kept active), the green button works fine again, as expected.

My question is: is this considered a feature or a bug? What other ways are there to turn off the TV display when listening to audio from the Bluray player?