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    AirStudio and AW1000

    I am using the AirStudio App for the AW1000.
    The AW1000 itself in general is good.
    However, the App (v.1.6.2) in practice is still a beta version. It has many problems/issues. To mention some:

    Problems AirStudio app
    - The App starts with an unnecessary intro screen (only the very first time this screen is helpful).
    - The App screens are basically designed for phones. Screens for tablets, which show more information etc., are very much appreciated.
    - The App is freezing many times on my Asus TF101 Android 4.0 tablet. I have to restart the App to continue using it. On my HTC Wildfire S Android phone the App almost never freezes.
    - The App is very very slow.
    - On my tablet I cannot change landscape in portrait.
    - On my tablet many times the screens of the App are not 'complete' or 'damaged' (graphical issues?)
    - The soft volume controls are hardly to find. When playing Spotify I can't find them at all. Why not using the hardware volume controls of the phone or tablet (like for example BubbleUPnP)?
    - Why do I have to choose and connect the player and source every time I start the App? Why is the last selection not saved in memory before the App is closed?
    - Many times the App losses the connection with the AW1000, especially after the tablet or phone returns from sleep mode.
    - Battery of my smartphone is flat within a few hours of using the App.
    - Why can we choose 10 presets for Internet Radio in the App, while the AW1000 has only 5 preset buttons?

    Problems AW1000
    - When selecting on the App a full album for playing from my network drive (using DNLA/UPnp) the AW1000 stops playing after approx. 5 songs. After that I have to use the App again to restart the remaining songs. Using BubbleUPnP instead of AirStudio I don't have this problem.
    - When using an ethernet (wired) connection, it's impossible to change the IP-address, even if I change it in the router using DHCP.
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