Works great now with the Synology NAS!! Many thanks for the fast update.
Haven't run into any big problems anymore, while the AW1000 is playing almost non stop.

Some small things that I noticed that may be improved.
- make it faster!!! Works a little bit slow with a IPhone 3GS
- some times the internet radio is failing, but I don't know if this is due to the WiFi, Internet radio Stream or the AW1000
- when your are scrolling through the internet radio staitions list, you have to press the arrow down for more station...why??
- it doesn't show the quality of the bitstream, it don't like anything below 128 kbps

But these are just minor things. It hasn't reach the quality of Sonos yet, but the AW1000 was way cheeper. So the quality/price ratio is as aspected.

Kind regards,