I just received my in.sight HD baby monitor, and am having several issues

The largest of these issues is that the IR night vision mode turns itself off automatically after one hour. I cannot even fathom a reason for this, as it eliminates the entire point of a baby monitor - which is constant monitoring. I need to be able to glance over at it and see my baby any time of the night.

The second major issue is that it does not make any attempt to tune out white noise. Previously, we were using an app called baby monitor 3G which uses one iPhone as a monitor and the other as a camera/microphone. It does a great job of only turning audio on when there's a change in sound - constant white noise in the background is not played on the receiving device. This is an important feature as I don't know a parent out there that doesn't use white noise machines to help their baby sleep (I use an app called white noise ambience on yet another iPhone - yes we have lots of iPhones in our house!)

A third less major issue is that I can't seem to connect two iPhones to one camera at a time - I get a "server error" on the second iPhone Is this a limitation of the device or platform?

I'd appreciate it if someone at philips could contact me with answers to my questions. Thanks.