For the past two days I have been unable to access the Internet Radio Server on my Stremium WACS 7500 and have spent ages trying to get it to work.

I have reset my broadband router reset the WACS machine and tried all sorts of other things including endless rebooting of all machines and routers. Eventually I had to admit defeat and went to the chat support on this website - only to find out that Philps are already aware of the problem and they have advised me to try again on Monday!!!!!!

So if anybody else out there is trying to listen to the Internet Radio through the Internet Radio Server - don't bother trying again until Monday 10th December by which time hopefully Philips might have resolved the issue.

I can only hope you haven't wasted as much time as I have on this issue!

It would be nice if Philips could send out an alert to tell existing customers of this problem ... so perhaps if anyone from Philips is reading this they could take note? After all they know what bits of their kit will be affected and from our registration forms who has them.