We recently bought a Philips TV; 46PFL7007.

I have installed the MyRemote app on my iPhone4, and wanted to share the images and music i have on my phone to my TV. However, when I start the app an enter the SimplyShare, it only says "loading" and nothing appeares. The TV says that there are no playable files ("Ingen spillbare filer i denne mappen" in Norwegian).

I have tried reinstalling the app and restarting the phone several times.

Also, I've been trying to use the Wi-Fi smart screen, but only get a message that I need a digital TV broadcast. I do have digital TV, but via an external PVR box from our supplier conected to the TV with an HDMI-cabel. Does this not work with the Wi-Fi smart screen?

I appreciate any feedback and tips. :-)

Best regards,