two weeks ago i bought the 47pfl6907H. (netherlands)
I connected it with several oter things, like dvd player, digatal receiver and AC Ryan mediaplayer.
Everything worked fine. Then the tv shows there was a firmware upgrade. I upgraded with an USB stick and everything looked fine.... but...... when i conect the TV to the hdmi port were the AC Ryan is connected, (does not mather what port, because i tried them al) i hear several times a disturbing cracking noice like there is a bad audio connect. The tv also make this noise when i switch my acryan to another film or to another menu. This was not before i updated the firmware.
I', m now using version 150.048.014 . Is this a bug or does anybody know whats the reason of this or better, what's the solution for the cracking sound sometimes. It's not during playing a film but only when i start or switch to another menu with my ac ryan.