I connected my 46PFL8007/K12 to a Samsung SMT-C7140 HD-PVR using a 1.4 HDMI cable.
After switching on Easylink and Easylink for the remote in the Philips menu, the Samsung is detected and connected OK.
As both EasyLink and Anynet+ are based on HDMI-CEC, the connection should work.

I can use the Philips remote to use all of the Samsung functions both for watching TV-programs and recording. I can change programs using the program list and guide buttons OK. So the Philips remote works OK on all Samsung functions except for one: zapping using the 'channel up' or 'channel down' buttons.

When using the 'channel up' button, the Samsung display a kind of 'stop sign' indicating that that function is not possible.
When using the 'channel down' button, the Samsung rewinds in the recording buffer, so showing the recorded images for teh actual program. Now the 'channel up' button works to wind forwards until being 'live' again.

So clearly for zapping a wrong signal is send by the Philips remote to the Samsung using the HDMI-connection.
Or.... the Samsung interprets it wrong of course.

Is there anyone with the same configuration or at least a SMT-C7140 connected who got this working correct ?

BTW, I have the (currently) latest firmware loaded on both the Philips and the Samsung, I tried different HDMI-cables and I also tried different HDMI-ports on the Philips TV (the C7140 only has 1).

Regards, Jean