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    Philips HTS + TV = Audio passthrough ?


    I have 2 devices:

    Philips 40PFL7505D 40 inch LED TV
    Philips HTS3306/F7 Bluray Home Theatre System

    I would like to know which one is HDMI ARC compatible. And also how would i pass the PS3 5.1 audio to the 5.1 HTS Speakers.

    I have hooked up both TV and HTS on HDMI, but the sound doesn't work. So I connected the Digital coaxial, and it works but only front speakers.

    Does digital coaxial cable carry 5.1 audio? If yes,
    How do I get it to output audio on all speakers? I had a Philips DVD HTS before which had an option on the remote control "SURR", and I could set it to 5.1, but this one, when I press SURROUND, it displays "DIRECT" and nothing changes, keep pressing and it only displays "DIRECT".

    I also have a PS3 connected to the TV via HDMI which also needs to output audio to the HTS 5.1 Speakers.

    Firmware on both devices are up-to-date.

    Please help!

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    Neither the 40PFL7505D nor the HTS3306 support HDMI ARC. There are multiple ways for you to connect the three devices, all have their pros and cons, you just need to select the way you prefer based on what is most important to you.

    Method 1: PS3 > TV (Since the PS3 has more true 5.1 sources such as Games, Blu-ray, NETFLIX, etc.)

    1. Buy an Optical to Coaxial adapter. it costs $10 to $15 e.g.

    2. PS3 to TV using HDMI.

    3. PS3 to HTS using Optical to Adapter and Coaxial (RCA cable) to HTS. make the proper settings in your PS3 so that it outputs Bitstream audio using its Optical jack not HDMI.

    4. Since we just have the analog jacks on the HTS available to us right now, you will need to buy a Digital to Analog converter (

    5. Connect the TV to the HTS using Digital Cox to DA Converter, and L/R RCA cables form DA Converter to HTS.
    -> IN this case you will have to use the Surround Options on the HTS to Upmix the stereo channels form the TV to 5.1 (Dolby ProLogic, 5.1 Stereo, etc.)

    Method 2: PS3 = TV (You will not need to buy any adapters but the audio from the PS3 to HTS will always be 2.0 and the HTS will have to upmix)

    1. PS3 to TV using HDMI

    2. TV to HTS using Digital Coaxial (RCA Cable).

    -> In this case the TV will output Dolby Digital 5.1 to the HTS only if it receives Dolby Digital 5.1 from a tuner source (e.g. Antenna or cable from the wall).
    -> Any audio it receives from HDMI sources will get passed on to the HTS as PCM 2.0.
    -> You will have to use 2.0 to 5.1 upmixing on the HTS to hear Virtual 5.1 sound from all six speakers (i.e. Dolby ProLogic, 5.1 Stereo, etc.). Use the Surround Button on the HTS remote to toggle through these options.
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