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    Angry BDP7700 firmware 3.53 - still buggy

    **** For more new issues see my other posts in the thread below!*****


    I bought my BDP7700/12 yesterday hoping that after upgrade to 3.53 firmware the instability issues that many complaint about will be gone.
    So after initial setup I upgraded the software by WiFi, restarted, did a factory reset as advised. Now I had firmware 3.53.

    I chose SmartTV/NetTV, played with different apps a little and then I wanted to watch Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day BR.

    This is when the BR player froze, I got no output to TV (black screen with some blinking followed by a TV error message that the video input format was not recognized). I waited a few minutes, tried to switch the player off, eject the disc - no luck. I had to unplug it from a AC power socket.

    I can recreate the situation easily on demand, each and every time by going to NetTV, then Home, then trying to watch a BR disc - this was NOT a single case issue.

    What I tried:
    1. reflash the firmware from USB followed by factory reset - no luck
    2. Set HDMI out manually, not to AUTO
    3. Wait a little longer (10 minutes or so) hoping the player would recover by itself

    What I did not try:
    1. another BR disc - not sure if it matters though.

    Let me point out that after the hard restart of the player and NOT going into NetTV menu first the disc plays flawlessly!

    I hope that Philips will be able to get themselves together and come up with a stable firmware finally. This is a capable player but these issues are not acceptable.


    P.S. My TV is a Philips set, too (42PFL8404/12)
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