Hi All,
i bought a led television 22PFL2807H/12 and i found very useful the registration functionality, but i have some problems:
1) the format of file is .ts, that is not portable to another television with usb port; when i tried to convert in mpg (or to play on a computer with a VLC) i receive an error. How can I convert the file?
2) i have a space problem, that is to say: i can't move a file into RECS folder as write in readme.txt and i can't put a .ts file in a aexternal folder because in this case the .ts files don't appear (and i can't convert for the problem described in point 1), so sooner or later there will be no more free space on my usb pen; how can i move a files on my pc and remove in my pen so cai i see them on tv?

Thanks in Advance, best regards