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I do not think so downgrading to a much earlier FW will solve our one of the main problem, but let it be

Yesterday evening i tried all off settings again, booth of 2D & 3D, while image/scene flickering still alive. I tried to convert 2D onto 3D, meanwhile 3D depth set to zero, but nothing.

BTW anybody from the philips developer read this forum? Cause i can make and send a test HD video what i'm talking about...
You should post that test video for Philips and also us to test.
And you can be sure that Benedickte is reading and relaying all that she can to developers. The more information, the better.

Another topic (minor), concerning the image shift when in Game mode.
Could anyone owning a 8007 make the test ? (maybe a 9xxx as well).
Meaning setting on/off the gaming mode, and noting if the image shift happens or not.
Any image will do if you are very close to the panel and taking attention. However Ajimi posted here an image to make it easier to notice.