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Does anymore get the occasional judder/stutter watching channels that have news tickers/peoples faces etc - sky/bbc news? This only happens when HDNM is off and Clear LCD on, if I set HDNM to min its super smooth.
Yes, that's exactly what HDNM was invented to solve. Without HDNM, if the framerate of the source material does not exactly match the framerate of the display, you get uneven motion when the TV 'catches up' to the material.
HDNM tries to estimate intermediate pictures, to smooth over the skips. What you are seeing is HDNM actually doing what it is supposed to do.

At the same time, you will most likely also see the downside of HDNM: since the intermediate pictures are only estimated, certain types of source material can trigger artifacts in display (e.g. 'halos' and 'blockiness' around edges) - after all, a machine is trying to guess what the intermediate picture might have looked like. This sometimes fails, and the failure creates the artifacts.

If you look around this forum, you will find a lot of threads and posts by people who react particularly sensitive to these artifacts and complain. You will also find people who complain about judder. The sad part is that you cannot avoid both.

The SW tries to strike a compromise between the two problems. That's why you can select between different levels of HDNM - this is so that hopefully, almost everybody can find a level that agrees with them. A lot of posts and threads on this forum are testament to the fact that you can not please all people at all times ...