I mounted my 46pfl8007k/12 to the wall. When I connect either (or both) a HDMI or mains cable, I sense a little current or vibration on the outside metal frame round the screen, as well as on the metal mount to the wall. This is also true when the device is completely disassembled (I removed the speakers and wiring) and is lying flat on the table.

Philips repair cannot find it, and tells me it is a vibration from inside that is transported to the outside; they replaced the power circuit board but that did not help. I think it is a problem with the earthing of the device, as it has a two-pin (and not a three-pin) connection, and that current is leaking somewhere.

Wierdest thing is that I noticed exactly the same problem on a identical model in a shop where the device was on display!!

Any clues?