Having spent a small fortune over the years buying a WAC700 and 2 other add-on units i am now really annoyed with it. i have just had a new pc with windows 7 and helpfully the WAC700 is not compatible with windows 7 and Philips couldnt seem to care less.

So i installed a virtul xp for windows 7 and although i can load the software it cannot connect to the WAC700 - it cant see it.

Am connecting using wired network - i do not have wifi on my pc. In windows 7 i can ping it and see it on the networks list but its intermittent and keeps dropping out. Even if i could get that stable it's no use if i have no software and Philips seem in no rush to create something compatible - actually i will NEVER buy from Philips again because of this.

So fed up i decide just to manually load the songs by putting the mp3 discs into the player to download - but, no, it cant read them.

So what now? if i cannot add any songs to it it may as well go in the bin as totally useless to me.

Can anyone help please? At my wits end.