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    BDP5200 how many files can read via USB from a HDD?


    I have a HDD verbatim 1TB (FAT32) full of folders with audio albums in mp3 files, connected via USB with a BDP5200 (italy - factory firmware)
    when the HDD is connected with my iMac, I can read every folder and every files, but through the 5200 I can read just a half of the whole files, that is I open the folders, can see the single files inside, but I can't make a selection of them ( this as said, for about the half of the files)
    I would like to know how many folders and files can be read by the 5200 from a HDD and if I buy two 500GB FAT32 instead of the 1TB, could I solve the problem, or in any other way?
    sorry for my bad English
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