dear all,

Many discussions have been on the 'HD Natural Motion' bug (HDNM) the 2012 series 6xx7 seem to have. In brief, setting HDNM to minimum or higher will cause pixel artefacts. For more info, click here.

Now I've been playing with the settings with the BluRay 'Safari 3D'. And I have a dillema between two faulty options:

1. Settings to 'Standard' and switching off HD Natural Motion & Pixel Precise.
Result: I get a sharp 3D image, without any faulty pixels. But the image stutters a little.
What's wrong: The image is not 'flowing' as it does with the normal non-3D content.

2. Settings to 'Standard' and switching ON HD Naterual Motion (Pixel Precise OFF).
Result: I get a smoothly flowing image, however the animals all have this aura or corona of pixels around them.
What's wrong: The image shows faulty pixels

So where most issues regarding the HDNM bug can be mitigated by switching HDNM off, this one cannot as I actually need HDNM to get this thing running.