I'm having problem with my Philips led 42'' ambilight smarttv Electronic Program Guide.

The Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) works fine it displays the tv schedule ok but all programs on the schedule are one our later than they are suppose to start.

Example : channel one news are to start at 19:00 but is scheduled at 20:00 by the EPG. How can i fix that ?

I set the clock manually , not country depended because my country is not on the list of countries available
in the tv.

No daylight savings are set on the tv clock and sometimes when i try to set the date / time manually the numbers won't show on the time input screen i can't see what i am inputting on the screen. Three times the tv has shut down in this operation unexpectedly.

In my country (Iceland) we don't have daylight savings time.

After i connected the tv to the net it offered my an upgrade to the tv firmware and software. So i think i got the latest
software/firmware upgrade that is available online from philips .

With Regards.