I have recently purchased the above based on supposed rave reviews for use as a PC monitor (replacing LG LCD) but the picture quality when used with any form of text is absolutely appalling! The text isn't black, even as I type now; it's not clear rather blurred. I have had to increase text size just to see what I am doing - eitehr that or stick my nose against it. The whites are so strong that I looks like someone has a 1000 watt torch standing behind it. And yes I have got quote "Smart Control II" and have been trying to adjust it with this, but no success. And it is set to full resolution. And I am under 45 with 20/20 vision!

Is this the best I can expect? Or shall I just chuck it out and get something else? Does it really have a clear picture for text or is it only really any use as a video monitor. Is it faulty?

Is there anybody out there who agrees or has had the same problem?