dear all,

My HomeCinemaSet (HCS) allows me to 'delay' the sound being played of the stereo in case the image and sound are out of sync. When watching 2D BluRay content, everything is fine. The sound of the HCS syncs with the image on the Philips PFL6007.

When watching 3D BluRay content it's not. The sound from the Home Cinema Set is well ahead (300ms!) to the image on the Philips TV. As if the TV needs 0.3 seconds to build the 3D image.

The sound on the Philips TV and the image on the image TV (so switching off sound on the Home Cinema Set and switching it on on the TV) are in sync. But I prefer to use my 5.1 set for sound off course.

Just wondering if my point two is a general issue. I haven't been able to test on a different player (in case the issue is to be blamed to the Home Cinema Set), so I'm curious what other experiences people have.