Hi There,

I am looking for a great DLNA App for my Blackberry Playbook. But there is no Philips App available

So, what i want to ask Philips'' please! Do something for the BB comunity'',... and for your own FAME!

- For Philips this is a Great New Market, BB10 is also comming in 2013
- BB Playbook is now supporting Android Apps
- There is not one official good UPNP App available on the BB Market yet
- BB Playbook is a realy powerfull and good media device, supporting more formats and files then IOS or Android

- And there is a .apk (android) to .bar (BB Playbook) converters on the market:

At least...., could i receive the SimplyShare & MyRemote APP.apk files? This way i could try to convert the APP and make it possibly work for the Playbook.

This would make me very Happy as Philips TV and Blue-Ray owner

Please respond,