I want to report an issue that drives me crazy.

When starting a video from german mediathek "ZDF Mediathek" (or any other) everything works fine.
(Fantastic resolution, nice color, crystal sound)

After about 20 minutes there is a short break/interruption.
Ok, thats not nice, but it could happen.

What I really cannot accept is that the device is not able to resynchronize/recover the video stream.
The rest of the video flickers, has noise-problems. In one word you cant use it.
Restarting the video works fine in the beginning. After nearly the same time the same problem starts.

On my notebook everything work fine until the end.

device: 32PFL7605H/12 + PTA01
firmware: (latest)
Internet: ADSL2+ (effective downloadrate > 1MBytes/s)