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    Thumbs up Double keypress needed on the RC before the TV reacts (SCC_96329).

    QFU1.1E LA
    Overview of model numbers: QFU11ELA_chassis_overview.xls

    An upgrade of the RF4CE software is needed when "No normal RC reaction, double keypress needed on the RC before the TV reacts".

    Check the following:
    1. The RC needs to be from a production week of 1218 (2012-05-03) or more recent.
    This can be checked by opening the battery door of the RC. The date is present on the inside of this cover.
    If the RC is older, the RC needs to be replaced. Contact your local helpdesk for that.
    If production date is okay, go to step 2.

    2. Activate the CSM menu (key in 123654 on the RC) and go, via the "cursor down" button, to page 2 (CSM2) item 2.9 RF4CE software. This SW version should be v0.12.0.0 or higher.
    If the RF4CE software is older, the TV needs to be upgraded via the attached UPG file (go to step 3).
    If problem still persists, contact your local helpdesk.

    3. There are two upgrade methods: via USB-stick or via Remote Service. See instructions below.

    Before you start, ensure that you have the following:
    • A USB flash drive (= stick) with at least 100MB of free space (note: do not use a USB hard disk drive for a software update).
    • A file compression application (the latest version of WinZip® is recommended).
    Note: This procedure assumes that you use a Microsoft® Windows® PC with the latest version of WinZip installed.

    Upgrade instructions for RF4CE software:
    - The upgrade file is attached: select and download the "" file.
    - Insert the empty USB flash drive into a USB connector on your PC.
    - On your PC, create a folder named "upgrades’ in the root directory of the USB flash drive.
    - Using the archive utility, extract the UPG-file to the "upgrades" folder on the USB flash drive (do not place in the root dir).
    - Safely remove the USB flash drive from the PC.
    - Remove all USB devices (such as Wi-Fi adaptor) from the TV, then switch ON the TV.
    - Connect the USB flash drive to a USB connector on the TV.
    - Press the Home/Menu button, and select [Setup] > [Software settings] > [Local updates].
    - Select the correct UPG file and press OK.
    - A prompt appears, select [Continue], then press OK.
    - The software upgrade starts automatically.
    - The upgrade is complete when a notification message appears on screen.
    - Remove the USB flash drive from the TV.
    - You need to disconnect the power cable from the power outlet. Wait one minute then reconnect it. After that you can start your TV in the usual way.

    - or-

    Remote Service
    An RS fix will be made available that will enable an upgrade of the Stdby SW via IP. This must be scheduled via the callcenter. (#)

    - (*) File is attached.
    - (#) Only applicable to IP-connected sets and in countries where the "Remote Service" feature is rolled out (currently only Nordic, DACh, and BeNeLux).
    - Caution: Do not switch "off" the TV or remove the USB flash drive during the software update!
    - If an error occurs during the update, retry the procedure. If the error re-occurs, contact Philips Consumer Care.

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