Hello, I installed new 46PFL8007K/12. The picture and ambilight are both briliant.
I have checked firmware and found out there are already more recent versions. I took 16GB Hama flashdisk formatted with FAT32 + 4096 as unit size and copied extracted autorun.upg of that most recent version.
But when I attached flashdisk to TV it prints "detected USB, trying to read files ..." and nothing else happens.
My actual firmware which came with new TV is QF1EU- Release for Fusion R2 QF1EU-0,150.48.13-bld3a Generation date 28/10/2012 23:28:31.
I went through ChangeLog of all releases and found statement of one fix that it fixes problem with some USB flashdisks being not recognized properly. Could that be a problem? Shall I try to connect another USB kind of disk? I'm just affraid I will buy another e.g. USB disk and that will also not work. Thanks.