I'm having a strange problem with one of my Philips TV. Indeed only one of them because my second one does it perfectly. I have both of them connected via LAN-WiFi to a NAS DLNA compatible (Iomega Home Media Cloud Edition).

The initial setup was pretty easy, and I could access media in both cases instantly. I decided to copy all my videos from an old HD drive I used to connect via USB to my tv's, to the new network HD (all the videos I had there were fully supported by both tv's). Since I have them in it I can play all videos in one tv but I can't play any avi files in the other one.

I thought since all files are streamed from a media server in my NAS device, it would be impossible to find such a problem.

I can play any video and everything is OK in my 32PFL4007H/12

I can't play any AVI files in my 40PFL7605H/12, although it could play them via USB.

Both have updated firmware.

Any idea of what is happening?

Thanks in advance