I was having problems with Songbird after updating the latest firmware - forums indicated reinstalling songbird would reinstall drivers and fix the issue. Uninstalled songbird.
Now cannot re-install it.

"An error occurred during the installation. Please launch the installer again to install Philips Songbird."

The error apears to be during the unpacking with the following left on the install window.

C:\users\my-id\Appdata\local\temp\Phillips Songbird\songbird_1.11.1-2265_windo....... cant read the end.

However in this drive I found Songbird_1.11.1-2265_windows-i686-msvc8.exe clicking on this has installed uncustomised native songbird. I want the Philips one with the firmware updating options.

I have tried.
Runnning CC cleaner and cleaning drive and registry.
typing Philips into the win 7 seach box and deleting all "Philips Songbird" directories. C:\users\my-id\Appdata\roaming\ and Appdata\local\
Deleting the C:\users\my-id\Appdata\local\temp\Phillips Songbird\ directory.

Re-run of sa3mus08s_37_psb_eng.exe results in the same error.
also tried the US one sa3mus08s_37_psb_aen.exe

Tried 7zip to unpack and see if I could find an install solution I did get an error when it prompted me for an overwrite of distribution.ini - however the extracted directories did not seem to have a possible Philips customised Songbird install file.

Also clicked on it to check for compatability issues and run it XP SP2 mode - still the same result.

Any help then to find out why the philips customisation will not reinstall?

Thanks Dave