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    Exclamation AD7000W/12 problem with ipad iOS 7


    I have an AD7000W/12 airplay speaker and, after I upgrade my ipad 2 to iOS 7, the airplay icon has dissapeared because it can't detect the speaker. I have tried rebooting the router, the speaker and the ipad several times, but with no result. Please, could somebody help me? Thanks.

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    Dear Eruiz,

    High quality lossless audio transfer requires a large bandwidth. Therefore, a stable Wi-Fi connectivity is essential for seamless audio streaming by AirPlay.

    Below are some tips for better audio streaming connectivity:

    Upgrade your Apple device to the latest iOS version.

    If you have opened many apps on iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, close the apps from the multitasking bar.

    Minimize the number of apps that are running on your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad.

    Minimize the sharing of Wi-Fi connections by multiple devices.

    When there is internet connection activities (such as web browsing, social network access, email checking or usage of IP (internet protocol) camera through the Wi-Fi network, network connection could be occupied and this might affect AirPlay audio streaming performance.

    If the router offers “Auto Channel Scan” option, enable it.
    This minimizes Wi-Fi connectivity interference, especially when there are multiple Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity.

    If you are using AirPort Extreme, make sure “802.11n (802.11b/g compatible)” is selected for Radio Mode.

    Do not select options with “802.11n only”.

    Upgrade your Airplay device.

    Check the support page for the new firmware availability, and then update if there is any.

    Take off any metal protective case from the Apple device
    AirPlay performance would be affected if the Apple device is shielded by metallic material.

    If the router offers “Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling (WISH)” option or “Quality of Service (QoS)” option, enable them.

    This would improve AirPlay streaming performance.

    If the Bluetooth feature of any device in the vicinity is on, turn it off.

    This would improve AirPlay streaming performance.

    Check the firmware version of your router.

    Please contact your router supplier to upgrade the latest firmware version.

    For further information, refer to Apple web page,

    Kind regards,
    Philips Moderation Team
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