My current computer (Laptop) Is kind of dying so there will be a point that I will have to by a new computer.
I would also like to buy a TV since I don't have one.

Now I am wondering if there are smart TV's capable for computer use as well, so probably with a wireless mouse and keyboard as hardware support, but also running on for example Windows 8. Besides that I would like to be able to use Microsoft office and other software on it. For example games, Nero Burning Rom etc. But also Run Apps you now find on Smart TV's.

In other words all the things you can do on a normal computer + All the things you can do on a smart TV and Tablet.
(So not just using my TV as a screen via a connection true a HDMI cable, just one single device which is both a computer as a Smart TV)

I have no idea if such a device exists and if it would have any potential on the market.

Does anybody know's more about this topic.