I downloaded the latest Philips songbird software and installed it on my XP machine. When starting it I can see the splash screen for a bit but then no window is displayed. Checking processes I can see that Philips-Songbird.exe and PhilipsDeviceListener.exe are running. A restart or reinstall doesn't resolve the problem.

Question 1 - is there a way to get this software installed on XP SP3?

I have been able to connect to the device using XP's standard driver and copy MP3 songs on it. The songs play fine, no problem there.
BUT in capital letters, the device only switches on when connected to the USB port of the PC. The battery is full. When disconnecting it I can switch it off but not on again. I have to connect it to the PC again which is a bit of a problem for a portable device.

Question 2 - can someone please advise what the correct steps are to switch the device on? I assume it's holding the play or lock button for several seconds (neither works for me).

Software installed on the device is version 1.08

Thanks for your help in advance!