Hello to all

I am new to this forum and would like to describe a 9704 ( currently) firmware bug.

I have a 52pfl9704 television connected to my pc with HDMI port by AMD radeon 6850 graphic card.
the bug is: well i connected to new graphic card last Christmas to play some games and the windows7 screen became cyan and pink after a while working fine. I suspected to have bought a wrong graphic card and exchanged it with a new one, same model, again I had the same cyan/pink screen after about 40 min...

The new radeon driver can change the hdmi protocol so: from the default chroma+brightness+.. I set the driver to send RGB (4:4:4) in the HDMI and the TV bug is "dissipated". All works fine now, I never had cyan screen.

I would like the Philips will resolve this bug on my television and improve DLNA from 1.0 to vers:1.5 in my TV for customer loyalty.


- who knows what is "deep color" ? is it implemented in our 9704 television?
- to watch better a movie connected to our TV is better to use 24,25,50 or 60Hz refersh? ( I am using 50Hz now)
- why natural motion has minimal and full settings, what are difference watching HD movies?