I discoved a bug or a very strange behaviour on my 58PFL9955. If I watch digital TV and have chosen the zoom mode "unscaled" I can see on the left and right sides of the video more content than in the other zoom modes. Or: in all zoom modes (different from "unscaled") I can see less video information than available!


Zoom mode "16:9":

In the above two pictures you can see, that in the first one (unscaled) one can see more image content on the left side of the broadcaster logo. On the second image ("16:9" zoom mode) one can see less information.

Both together:

I could also verify this behaviour when I play a Blu-ray from my BDP9600 (via HDMI 1 ARC).

Why is image content missing on the left and right sides in all zoom modes?

Please fill a bug report on this issue!

You can find more pictures (and German descriptions) in my blog at: http://58pfl9955.wordpress.com/2011/...e-bildinhalte/