Hello all, I would strongly welcome Philips advising users of their TVs what kind of USB harddisk they advise to buy/use to record/replay TV broadcasting. There is a lot of uncertainty/confusion and some list of recommended harddisks could help. I think it's better than starting to evaluate different brands/types/features/settings.
1/ USB 2.0 vs. 3.0 - I guess almost each TV uses currently 2.0 only (see 2/ problem with current drained).
2/ Power supply via USB cable or external:
- most of HDDs on market are 3.0 with power supply via USB cable
- some 3.0 HDDs with supply via USB cable drain close to 900mA or even more during start-up, specially with capacity higher than 500MB, typical symptom is not recognized HDD
- some HDDs like Verbatim Store 'n' Go have Greeen Energy feature implemented in their firmware, that may slow down playing HDD video and startup of recording, this has to be "manually" disabled as it is default feature
3/ Current maximal supported size of the harddisk by TVs? I guess 1TB?
4/ Preformatted HDD - is TV doing its own formatting or do I have to attach HDD which is already formatted with FAT32?
5/ Disk fragmentation - does TV perform regular defragmentation of the HDD (reading/writing from/to HDD can significantly slow down in case of heavy defragmentation)?
Maybe I can go through many discussions here to collect complete above info, but providing all that in single one place may help much better. I guess it can help Philips business because most of the customers are not hobby engineers:-)