I just purchased an SA4RGA04KF/97 and am a little bit unhappy with the usablity, maybe you could improve those things in future firmware versions:

  • In the Album-View, the songs should be ordered by track #, not by title. An album is an ordered set of tracks, thats what track numbers are for.
  • There should be an Artist/Album/Song hierarchy.
  • In Folder View, the songs should be ordered alphabetically by file name, not in the order of creation. This would also allow to work around the first two problems.
  • It is great that the player remembers the position in the last audiobook separately from the last played song. But they should not be listed under Music, Audiobooks should be moved to the top level, in parallel with Music, FM Radio and Folder View, therefore requiring less clicking around.

I am running firmware version 1.11, Songbird tells me that is the latest. (After I started it as an Administrator on Windows 7. Which should really not be required to make firmware updates work. Or as a quick fix, instructions for it should be put into the error message when running in non-Administrator mode.)

Thanks, David