I got this system back in 09, and for about a year now, though even more so lately, the center speaker (the green connector) has gotten worse, so now, when I'm playing games or watching films, it often either goes really low in volume, or goes out altogether. It's not the speaker itself, it's the green connector that you put into the back of the receiver. I'll push in the connector when I'm playing to make sound come back in (which I don't believe is a good idea on my part), and the sound does come in for a random amount of time after before going out again, but what I wanted to ask is, is there a way to fix this without having to send it somewhere, or having to buy a new system? I think over time the vibration from the bass has worn it down, so now, I have the bass far removed from where I had it. Furthermore, should I take the connectors out of the back and put them back in? I didn't do this because contrary to what it probably is, I felt they weren't supposed to come out since when I attempted it, they seemed to really be in there, as if they weren't meant to be taken out.